Affordable Chiropractor Glendale, CA

a picture of The Joint mission statement
It’s no secret that The Joint offers affordable chiropractic care in Glendale. $29 dollars for walk-ins, and a first visit offer that lowers the walk-in rate (click here for more details)! We also offer packages and wellness plans that make adjustments as low as $12.25. Our model is so unique it even caught the eye of health guru, Dr. Oz, as seen on USA Today (here’s the video if you’d like to see).

So how can we do this? Well it’s not magic, we promise. And, all our chiropractors our licensed, in fact, we feel that we have some of the friendliest and skilled chiropractors in Glendale. The short answer is, we’ve simply stripped all the bells and whistles, the stuff clinics that bill insurances usually add, and we strictly deliver manual adjustments. We’ve brought chiropractic care back to the practice it was meant to be.

If you’d like to visit The Joint, and it’s your first time, download the first visit offer, or just come on in. We’re open until 7pm weekdays, and YES!, we are open weekends. We’ll be seeing you soon!

This location is a Haig Chiropractic Corp., P.C. operated and managed by The Joint.