Ask Dr. Andrew

Here is the chance to ask Dr. Andrew any health question.

We understand at The Joint, our customers expect convenient quality care. That usually means you hope to pop in and out as fast as possible not leaving much time for conversation. However, maybe you have a pressing or casual health question you’d like to ask Dr. Andrew but haven’t had the time.

Well here’s your chance to ask Dr. Andrew anything. Seriously, no question is too small or too big. So what do we plan to do with your questions? First, we’ll take the most frequently asked question and Dr. Andrew will respond through video (no names will be mentioned in the video). Second, If our customers find the first video helpful, we’ll do more!

Not sure what to ask? Think about your routines, your job, lifestyle, nutrition, chronic and new nagging pains, exercise or health advice friends and family give you that you aren’t so sure is legit.

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