Itsy Bitsy Tipsy: Drinking During Pregnancy

What wouldn’t have been unusual 50 years ago is almost unthinkable now — to see a woman with a baby bump holding a highball glass filled with her favorite cocktail. After decades of educational campaigns to get the word out, has it sunk in that pregnancy and alcohol don’t mix? And is there any danger […]

Soldier On: The Battle with Bursitis

Even the shield of prevention can’t take you completely out of the line of fire when it comes to the battleground for your health. Every individual encounters a share of skirmishes along the way, and for many, their marching orders include a battle with bursitis. Know Your Enemy Bursitis inflicts pain on its victims when […]

Running on Empty? Gear Down Your Workout

When you exercise, do your feet leave the ground? That’s the question you ask to determine if your form of fitness is no impact, low impact or high impact. In the book Morning Cardio Workouts by June E. Kahn and Lawrence J.M. Biscontini, the authors define high impact as fitness where “both feet simultaneously leave […]

Telemedicine in Chiropractic Care

Technology is changing so many aspects of our lives and day by day, we see the further integrating of technology into society. Technology is also changing the operations of so many professional sectors, with all sorts of different processes and communications being rooted in technological applications where they were once manually conducted. One of these […]

How Chiropractic Aids High-Risk Pregnancies

Pregnancy is a glorious and wonderful part of life. Welcoming a new bouncing bundle of joy into a family is one of the greatest times in the lives of everyone involved. even with the most “normal” and carefree pregnancies, many mothers to be can experience complications, moments of panic and cause for concern for their […]