3 Easy Holiday Survival Tips from The Joint

To say you’re busy and feeling overwhelmed this time of year is probably an understatement. The travel, the parties, the shopping, the obligations…and while you manage to keep up the holiday spirit, the impact on your body may be far greater than you know. The holidays can take their toll on your body and if you really want to enjoy this season, now is the time to prepare. By following these three simple steps, your holiday activities can bring you both comfort and joy!

Step 1: Eat, Hydrate and Be Merry

It’s easy to overindulge in holiday food and cheer with cookies showing up at the office every day and egg nog lurking beside the milk and eggs in every store. It’s just too hard to avoid the holiday temptations altogether, so making smart food choices between feasts and having a more nutritious breakfast before you rush out the door, is an easy way to keep those calories in check.

Cutting back on foods high in sodium will reduce swelling (so your clothes are still comfortable) and keeping water at hand will help you keep well hydrated. It may also serve to fill you up some so there’s less room for empty calories. Your body needs water to function at its peak, so between sips of eggnog and mistletoe martinis, be sure to drink plenty of hydrating H2O.

Step 2: Stressed? Adjust Your Attitude.

Emotional stress can take its toll on your body too. Family tensions, the worry of everlasting credit card bills, and more serious depression can come with the holidays. Take time to talk to someone about how you feel. Be realistic about what you can get done. Often changing your perception is all it takes—not even Norman Rockwell had picture perfect holidays. So between parties, shopping, wrapping and cooking, be sure to get adjusted. The Joint’s convenient hours and locations make it easy to do. The physical and emotional impact adds up, and receiving regular adjustments keeps your body functioning at its peak and can leave you feeling lighter on your feet, ready for the next holiday task on your list!

Step 3: Rest is Best!

Silent night isn’t just a popular holiday ditty. It’s a recipe for holiday joy. You likely don’t have time to sleep more, but being well rested is the best way to tackle what’s in front of you. Rest is even more important this time of year because you’re being exposed to germs with every holiday handshake, doorknob and packed flight. In addition to washing your hands often and keeping your distance from co-workers who bring a cold to the office, getting enough rest will help your body remain strong enough to fight the germs that surround you. Just try to get a good night’s sleep without distraction and take it easy when you can. Sometimes just putting yourself first and not trying to do too much can bring you the rest you need to survive this joyful but intense time of year!