Adjusting Mom

A 3 part series just for moms about chiropractic care.

Moms tend to put the needs and health of everyone else ahead of their own. after all, when do moms have time for themselves between soccer games, music lessons, work and house chores? The truth is, and moms know it, the best gift they can give their family is a healthy mom! Plus, moms deserve it!

4 Reasons Moms Deserve Chiropractic Care

  1. Headaches. If you have kids (young or old) then you have headaches. Staying hydrated along with regular chiropractic care can drastically cut down on the frequency of headaches and migraines. Why? Because the greatest cause of headaches is tension in the neck. An adjustment in the neck area releases tension.
  2. Neck/shoulder stiffness and pain. Caused by stress, sleeping wrong, carrying around babies, toddlers and heavy diaper and grocery bags.
  3. Back pain. Caused by carrying babies and car seats, loading the vehicle up, putting kids in car seats, incorrect lifting and being an all-around super mom. *In the first 72 hours of suffering from back pain, use ice/cold treatment only, and then heat.
  4. Getting sick. Stress, tension, lack of sleep and a constant bombardment from kid germs lowers the immune system. Chiropractic care counterattacks those issues by boosting the immune system!

A regular chiropractic routine can not only help treat all of these, but it helps prevent them too. We challenge you to try chiropractic care for a couple of months and see if you feel the difference.

Part two: Does budgeting for chiropractic make cents? Find out…click here.


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