Are You Sufficient in CoQ10?

The body cannot survive without food and water. This is a basic notion that is instilled within us as humans very early on in life. In fact, 95 percent of the body’s energy comes from food and water. The other 5 percent comes from the oxygen. The body converts the things we eat into energy and to do so it requires the oxygen that we breathe to help control the entire process. Unfortunately, not everyone takes in the right amount of food or water to keep the body functioning at its highest level, some of this is not by lack of trying. Everyone’s body converts food to energy in a different way and at different speeds; some people are deficient in the amount of energy they have and need to supplement their intake of food and water with boosters to immunity and to their overall energy.


CoQ10 is a molecule that plays an enormous role in the process of converting food to energy and aiding oxygen in the process as well. As food molecules are broken down in the body, each individual particle gets given to different areas of the body in order for them to thrive and in order for them to keep the body going. Each piece of food when converted is saved in the form of ATP. 95 percent of the human body’s energy is produced this way, giving organs such as the heart and liver the majority of it, as they demand and need it the most. These organs have the highest concentration of CoQ10 found in them naturally.

Because CoQ10 is so important to the overall production and breakdown of energy through the body, those who are deficient in it should add the supplement to their daily intake of vitamins. Many people who are reliant on statin drugs (usually for heart disease prevention) supplement CoQ10 in their diet because these drugs are known to lower the production of CoQ10 naturally in the body. Statin drugs are usually taken to lower cholesterol, but they also inhibit liver enzymes, and reduce bad cholesterol. They also reduce plaque in arteries, decreases blood clot formation and have big benefits in diabetes and high blood pressure.

As we age, our ability to naturally make CoQ10 diminishes, so adding a CoQ10 supplement to your morning routine will keep the heart and muscles healthy and also give your body the proper help it needs in order to break down the food you eat into energy.


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