Avoid These Big Exercise No-Nos to Avoid Back Pain

Lunging With A TwistMany people avoid working out because each time they do, they experience knee pain or back pain. How do you stay healthy with fitness when it can be painful? In most cases, individuals will feel pain because they are doing something wrong in their exercises. In fact, once an individual learns to exercise correctly and does it more frequently, frequent knee pain and back pain can be reduced greatly.

Here are the top four things you may be doing wrong in your workouts. Like the kids use to say, “Check yourself before you wreck yourself.”

You Need New Shoes:

Look down at your workout shoes. How much thought process went into buying them? For many, it was just a quick decision based off of looks or price. The shoes you are wearing may not be the right ones for your workout. For example, if you love to pound the pavement, you are going to need shoes that have shock absorption features to prevent knee and back pain. Another thing to consider with workout shoes is when was the last time you bought new ones. If you are a frequent gym rat, then you need to frequently replace your shoes. One last thing, wearing the popular toning shoes is not a good idea for working out and every day wear. These shoes can aggravate back pain because they cause your posture to be compromised.

You Aren’t Practicing Correct Form:

Correct form is everything when it comes to working out with weights. Using the wrong form can result in injury and soreness. The most popular mistake people make when doing lunges and squats, especially with weights is that they let their knees go over their toes. It is important to pull your hips back so that you can still see your toes when you lunge or squat. Also, during squats and lunges, it is important to step out far enough. A short step will add more stress to the knee. Another thing to look out for when working out is having a flat back instead of a rounded one. This is especially important if you are picking up weights.

You Are Using the Wrong Machines:

Go into the weights section of a gym, and you are going to find a lot of machines that work different areas of your body. Many people are drawn to these machines, thinking that doing several reps on one machine will target their inner thighs. The problem with these types of machines is that they try to isolate a certain muscle. In doing so, they can cause more strain on other joints and muscles. It is best to skip these machines all together and focus on multi-muscle moves that are more natural, such as push-ups or squats.

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You Don’t Put Enough Effort Into Stretching:

Stretching is often skimped on before and after working out. It may seem like the dull part of your workout, but it is important, especially for your body to recover. Take time to warm up and cool down properly.

Regular exercise is a great way to maintain a healthy weight and even prevent back pain. However, if you are working out carelessly, you could cause more damage than benefits. Remember to always consult your physician before starting a workout program and talk with a trainer to learn how to exercise efficiently and pain-free.


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