Back Prevention Tips to Keep in Mind While Gardening

Gardening Blog Photo1Gardening is such a relaxing hobby and a great outdoor exercise. However, with all of those pretty plants, comes the not so pretty side of gardening- back pain.

If you are a gardener at heart, you surely have experienced having an uncomfortable bout of back pain after spending hours working on your garden. If gardening is your passion, then these back pain prevention tips are for you.

Don’t Forget to Exercise Regularly. The better shape you are in, the fewer pains and injuries you will have. Even something as simple as walking can help keep your muscles and joints working as they should. It may also be helpful to do some stretches before starting your gardening for the day.

Use the Right Tools. There are different gardening tools available in the market to prevent back strain. It is best to use long-handled tools when available. In addition to this, it is important to make sure that your tools are in great condition. If your tools are dull, it means you will exert more energy trying to get the job done. More work can strain your joints and back even more. A cushioned pad will help prevent knee and back pain while you work.

Take Regular Breaks. Scheduling breaks in between your gardening activity can decrease your risk for back pain and other gardening-related injuries. Set a timer so that you are standing up every 10-20 minutes. Be sure to walk around and stretch during your breaks.

Try Vertical Gardening. If you do not want to bend and strain your back in the process, you may want to look into vertical gardening. You can grow different plants on walls and fences.

Practice Good Posture. It is inevitable; you will be bending over your flowers or plants for most of the activity. Remember to straighten up every few minutes. Also, be sure not to reach too far to one side. Instead, try to get as close as you can to the plant before you reach down to tend it.

How to Relieve Back Pain After the Job is Done. If you have back pain after gardening, application of cold and hot compresses may help. A warm bath may be even better since all of your joints can benefit from the warm water.

Don’t let your back pain cause you to miss gardening season. Keep these back pain prevention tips in mind the next time you pot and plant. Remember, to always listen to your body and to never push it further than it’s telling you to go.


Image Credit: Gardening Blog Photo1 by U.S. Department of Agriculture. Used under Creative Commons license.