Blue Distinction Center: Title Awarded to Local Glendale Medical Center

Accident & Emergency SignWhen choosing where to live, the smartest thing to look for is how experienced the local hospital and doctors are. In the Glendale community, they must be pretty top notch because one is receiving a few honors. Glendale Adventist Medical Center was just named a Blue Distinction Center Plus for spine surgery as well as Blue Distinction Center for knee and hip replacements.
This program is put together by the Blue Cross and the Blue Shield to award medical facilities that have demonstrated the highest level of expertise in their given field. Glendale Adventist Medical Center was chosen due to the excellence of their experts and for excelling in patient health and safety. Blue Cross also looks at how well a medical facility practices cost efficiency measures, which Glendale Adventist does as well.

The Vice President of Glendale Adventist Medical Center, Arby Nahapetian, MD, says they are honored by the distinction because it validates their commitment to having the best practice. As a Blue Distinction Center, the Glendale Adventist Medical Center may get more business and exposure, which is also good for the Glendale community. 

This is not the only time Glendale Adventist Medical Center made the news. Last month, their President/CEO, Kevin A. Roberts, received the Glendale Chamber of Commerce award as 2013’s CEO of the Year. This award, along with the distinction, is a very high honor that proves that Glendale has an awesome medical center to serve its community.

If you are in need of surgery, choosing a Blue Distinction Center Plus is a very wise idea. The centers with a plus sign on the end mean they are the best of the best. The centers not only show better quality of medical care, but they also have proven better outcomes for the patients, meaning lower risks of complications and readmissions than other medical centers and hospitals.


Story Credit, Image Credit: Accident & Emergency Sign by Lydia. Used under Creative Commons license.