Can a Chiropractor Help With Autism?

If you are a parent of an autistic child, you know how trying each day may be. We know you are desperate for anything that could help your child in all areas of his or her life – physically, mentally, socially, and academically. Have you tried a chiropractor?

A chiropractor cannot cure autism. As of right now, nothing can. However, many studies have shown that by changing autistic children’s diets and environments, improvement can be seen. As many know, it is not that positive changes cure or improve autism, but instead they improve the wide variety of symptoms that can be associated with autism depending on an individual’s unique circumstances. Chiropractic care aims to help relieve the other health problems an autistic child may have so that they are able to do more and enjoy life more fully.

Here are a few symptoms many autistic children suffer from that regular chiropractic care can help with:

  • Aggression
  • Attention span and focus
  • Bladder and bowel control
  • Hyperactivity
  • Fine and gross motor skills

In UK, a study was done that monitored 26 autistic children for nine months. All received chiropractic care for that duration of time. Each responded differently but the conclusion was that, “Many of the children were taken off Ritalin, bladder and bowel control improved, some children started to speak and eye contact and attention span also improved in some children. Hyperactivity and aggressive behavior were reduced in other children and five children were able to attend mainstream classes at school for the first time”.

Did the chiropractic care heal the autistic children? No. They only helped the individual child reach their full potential, making life a little easier for the child and his parents. The authors of the study explain how it is possible by saying, “the children were suffering from neurological interference contributing to their diagnosis of autism. This neurological interference was thought to have hindered the development of the child, interfering with their ability to reach their full potential”.

How to get your child adjusted? Tips to make chiropractic adjustments easy:

Many parents may want to try chiropractic care, but they fear how their child will react in a new location with a stranger, especially if their child has issues with being touched. Try these tips to make the adjustments easy for your child.

  • Visit the chiropractor at the least busy time. This may require you calling ahead or making special arrangements. Establish a routine treatment schedule so that your child is not offended by any changes.
  • Have the doctor greet and dismiss your child in the same way each time. This will help keep consistency.
  • Avoid loud or disruptive environments. This may mean finding a chiropractor that is not near a busy street.
  • Use distractions to help your child during their adjustment, such as stories or finger puppets.

Chiropractic care can help your autistic child reach their full potential with regular care. In regards to the study, all 26 children saw improvement of some degree. It is worth a shot to see if chiropractic care can help your child too.

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