Count Your Calories With This Innovative Creation

joggingIt’s official, the future is officially here, and it’s in the form of footwear. Sadly, those power laces that had everyone dazzled in the Back To The Future movie trilogy aren’t quite what has come along, but the technology is mighty close.

Thanks to the innovative minds at Lechal, the world has now been introduced to a shoe that does everything from help you navigate via GPS and even counts the calories you burn throughout each day. Originally designed for the visually impaired, the shoes are connected to a users smartphone through Bluetooth technology. through this connection the shoe can triangulate the users current location and help guide them to their destination.

Each individual shoe is fitted with an insole that is linked to the Bluetooth device, and through vibrations the shoes let the user know when to turn left or right en route to their final destination. So, the left shoe will vibrate when the user needs to turn left, and vice versa. the shoes allow for a much more hands free approach to navigation, essentially helping those on bikes, jogging or in any other form of transportation, to have complete hands free, without any need to check the map periodically, and take attention away from their surroundings.

Along with shoes, the company has created an insole that slips comfortably inside any pair of your own shoes to serve the same purpose. These polyurethane insoles contain an electronic module that includes a vibrating unit, chip and battery that can be removed to be charged and come with a USB charger that can be switched on and off using voice controls and finger clicking. These features will also make it user friendly for visually impaired people and the fully-charged units can be used for three days of navigation.

People will also be able to use the Lechal shoes and insoles as a fitness system to count steps and calories burned, as well as create their own workouts. A wearer will be able to tap their foot to tag a location and set goals and the shoes can also buzz when a runner goes past a place of interest. All results are automatically uploaded to the users Bluetooth connected smartphone and helps track results and fitness goals accordingly.


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