Do You Stand All Day? Here Is How to Reduce Back Pain

NurseThere has been a lot of back pain linked to individuals with desk jobs. However, not much has been said about those who must stand all day on the job. The reason why you get back pain from a long day of standing is because you are most likely doing the same repetitive movements.

Think about a hairstylist or assembly line worker. They make the same twists and turns to do their job, leading them to repetitive stress pain. Also, standing causes your weight to shift downward, compressing the spine. Standing can also leave you with swollen feet and ankles and circulation issues. Whether you are a salesperson, waitress, nurse, teacher, or other employee who spends most of your time on your feet, we have some back pain prevention and treatment tips for you.

Invest in Good Shoes: The right supportive shoes could really change your day. Some sneakers may be a good option, but it is better to look into one of the many brands of comfort shoes. The shoes need to allow for room if your foot swells throughout the day. High heels and other fashion forward shoes are not ideal at all. They may look cute, but they will cause long-term issues with your back and circulation.

Move Around More: Even if you are stuck standing all day, this doesn’t mean you have to keep still. Shift your weight from foot to foot, do mini leg kicks and leg circles, and go up on your tiptoes and heels. These little moves will help increase blood flow in your legs. This can then release some of the tension in the back of the legs and back.

Practice Good Posture: How is your posture while you stand? If you are slumped over a computer or register, it is time to stand up straight. Standing up straight can seem harder to do at first, but it is just because your body is not use to it. Tuck your tailbone under your pelvis and keep your stomach muscles engaged. To get the right alignment, stand against the wall and then step forward. Your chest should be up, your shoulders down, and your neck in a comfortable position.  Not only will this help protect your spine, but it will also make you look slimmer.

Come back next week for even more tips on how to prevent and treat back pain from standing all day.


Remember to always consult your chiropractor or physician before taking any health advice.

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