Dogs are Good for Your Health: Surprising Benefits of Pet Ownership

Dog lovers, listen up! We’ve got some good news for you – your canine buddy comes with several surprising health benefits. So whether you love your pooch to pieces or want to kick Fido to the curb for chewing up your favorite pair of shoes, take a second to appreciate how they improve your health.

Dogs Can Possibly Detect Cancer:

We know this sounds crazy, but it’s true! One story says, “A patient reported that her dog would constantly sniff at a mole on her leg, and once even tried to bite the lesion off. Prompted by this, she had her mole checked out and found it to be a malignant melanoma”.  There is also a Labrador that can sniff out cancer from smelling patients’ breath. So far he has been 89% accurate. How can your pooch help you? There is no guarantee that your dog will detect early signs of cancer in your body, but if you notice your dog acting in a new and odd way towards you or a mole, best get it checked out.

Dogs Get You Moving:

Most dogs love to move! They love to play and go for walks and even be chased. This can all result in a more active you. Owning a dog can also help children be more active overall, as well. Chances are if your pooch is looking a little bit plumper and lazier these days, then you may be too.  Use your dog to get in the habit of going for daily walks. Dogs are great accountability partners.

They Keep Depression Away:

Dogs are known for keeping one’s mental health in check. This can be due to the fact that they are always available for a good snuggle or because they help owners not feel lonely. This is also why dogs are frequently used in hospital visits.

They are Great Stress-Relievers:

Studies show that dog owners are able to deal with their stress better than those who didn’t own dogs. Next time you feel stressed, try spending a few minutes petting your furry family member. We aren’t sure of the exact science behind it, but it works!

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