Five Ways to Get Rid of Back Pain Once and For All

We’ve got some news that you are not going to like, Mr. Couch Potato (Don’t think you are excluded either, Mrs. Couch Potato). Turns out that back pain you have been complaining about is not just from old age. In fact, it is more probable that your back pain is due to too much sitting and not enough doing.

All hope is not lost though. Here are five easy ways to kick that back pain to the curb once and for all.

1. Walk Around the Block:

We mean it. Get your tennis shoes on (get ones with ample arch support or you will just do more harm than good) and start to walk. Aim to walk every day, and try to build up to a brisk walk of 1-3 miles a day. Walking is such a wonderful exercise because it works several muscle groups, helps reduce stomach fat (which could be to blame for your back pain), and is low intensity.

2. See a Chiropractor:

We know what you are thinking, but trust us, a chiropractor is not just a certified doctor that cracks your back. Instead, a chiropractor helps realign the skeletal structure and fix problem areas. Yes, there are going to be a lot of cracks and pops, but that is normal, and you will love the feeling. However, only chiropractors know the safest way to adjust someone’s neck and back.

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3. Wear a Back Brace:

While wearing a back brace may not be the most popular suggestion, it can really help relieve pain from your back. This is mostly because a brace will help you sit and stand with proper posture.

4. Keep Flexible:

It happens to all of us. We feel pain in an area of our body, and then we stop using that body part to nurse it better. The pain goes away temporarily, but it ends up being worse because we have allowed the muscles to go unused, instead of stretching them and keeping them flexible. Practice back stretches daily, as well as whole body stretches, to keep the body flexible and limber and the back pain free.

The best overall body stretches to do are yoga moves of downward dog and child’s pose. See the illustrations for a better idea.

5. Weight Lifting to Ease Pain:

Many times back pain is caused by weak back muscles being over used or misused. Fix back pain issues through weight lifting. Start off light and only a few reps a day. You do not want to make your back pain worse by lifting too heavy. You can build up to more reps and heavier weight along the way.

Back pain does not have to be your new way of life. Instead, try the above five simple tips to get rid of back pain forever. A chiropractor will help get rid of back pain and continue to improve your pain level with each adjustment. They will also be able to give you beneficial stretches and moves to do at home.