Four Reasons to Ditch Processed Food Now

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There is one movement in the nutrition world that is good for all of us. The term “clean eating” is everywhere now, from books to talk show topics. The main idea is to cut out all the processed foods and only eat foods that are natural and of very few ingredients. If you aren’t convinced that eating cleaner is the way for you, perhaps these reasons of why you shouldn’t eat processed foods will convince you.

Processed Food is Addictive.
You probably don’t need a lot of proof that your favorite junk foods are addicting. Our bodies tend to process whole, clean foods differently than processed foods. The junk food tends to overstimulate the production of dopamine, which is responsible for our sensing pleasure. This is why we continually crave the same foods over and over. It is also the reason why when you are stressed, angry, or sad, you have a craving for unhealthy food.

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Junk Food is Interfering With Our Bones and Organs.
This is a scary fact to realize, but all of those preservatives and additives in processed foods to make the taste better, look better, and last longer are causing serious damage to our bones and organs. Eating a diet primarily of processed foods will speed up the aging process and also increase kidney deterioration.

Processed Foods Promote Inflammation. If you suffer with back pain and joint pain, you may be able to point the finger of blame toward processed foods. Not only is inflammation to blame for pain, but dementia, heart disease, and cancer have all been linked to chronic inflammation.

Processed Foods are Not Real Foods.
Processed foods may look and smell like real foods, but they aren’t. The body has a hard time recognizing them as nutritional sources. Because processed foods are stripped of all the good stuff, the colon and digestion system have to work harder to break down the food. This then causes problems in your digestive tract, as well as throughout your body nutritionally.

Many people have also conducted their own experiments at home with processed foods versus real foods. In one case, a mom put a plate of real butter outside and a plate of margarine. Guess which butter the ants were all over? The ants did not even go for the faux butter because they didn’t identify it as food. If ants won’t eat it, you probably shouldn’t either. The same principle goes for mold. While having food mold quickly is annoying, it is also a good sign that it is all natural.

It’s hard to give up your favorite bag of chips or box of cookies, but it is worth it in the long run. Look for ways to make your favorite food items with natural ingredients. Give your body real food that it can recognize and digest properly.

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