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As a health and wellness writer, I pride myself on bringing you up to date content on the latest and greatest in the world of health and wellness as well as chiropractic care. One of the newest crazes to hit the world of health and fitness is that of spin classes. Granted, spin classes have been around for quite some time, but their popularity across the country has only really come into the forefront in the last few years.


Arguably the biggest and brightest in the spin class culture that is swiftly on the rise, is that of Soul Cycle. Garnering popularity among many celebrities, this new way to bike is really taking off. Oprah Winfrey even celebrated her 60th birthday with a trip to the West Hollywood Soul Cycle and pedaled hard until she had what she described as a spiritual moment in the wake of all the calorie burning and sweating.

Soul Cycle

All instructors at Soul Cycle, take a different approach to the rudimentary spin classes that are held in gyms all across the nation. Aiming to make fitness a joyful, fun and even a passionate experience, these guys push you to the limit every time you strap into that bicycle.

Indoor cycling is re-invented at each of the many Soul Cycle locations; a forty five minute class is all you need to burn calories, build muscle and heighten your endurance. A fat burning cardio, full body workout has never quite been like this before.

All classes are hot commodities, with instructors that vary in difficulty, speed, endurance and overall feel. With studios across the country from California to New York City, look for the Soul Cycle craze to skyrocket in 2014. Classes are signed up for online, and bikes are chosen at a first come first serve basis. Equipment is rented if needed, most first timers need shoes, as the bikes have clip in pedals to ensure safety.

Prepping For That First Ride

Hydration is important, especially for anyone riding for their first time. The key to a healthy body is staying hydrated and being properly fueled to ride. Eating before hand is highly recommended, nothing heavy, as you’ll be on the move the instant you step into class. Wearing comfortable clothing that you’re ok with sweating in is definitely a must.

For a workout unlike any other, and a spin class that’s not like the norm, Soul Cycle is a great way to get your but into shape… literally. There’s a reason that celebrities and regular folk are endorsing this new wave of exercise, its because it really works, and its really fun. Soul Cycle is on to something, and jumping on board now will get you a front row seat. To find your nearest Southern California Soul Cycle visit here.


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