Glendale Approves New Digital Ads and Signage

Glendale AmericanaTake a good look around Glendale, CA, and you will notice that it is quite different from many other cities. It was one of the few Los Angeles cities left that was not covered with digital advertisement and such. However, that is all about to change now that the City Council has approved a zoning amendment to allow the use of high-tech billboard displays.

Everyone on the city council agreed on the new signage. According to, “The amendment requires any developer using digital signs to enter into a revenue-sharing agreement with the city, which will take a 12% to 15% cut.”

The agreement also allows for pedestrian guidance signs. The zoning amendment also permits new types of signs such as banners, marquee signs and signage in public rights of way, which would be used to display directions and guidance for pedestrians.

The amendment would also allow outside businesses to be advertised. For example, promotions for Las Vegas hotels will be seen. This is definitely a first for the city.

However, not all of Glendale’s businesses and residents support this new ad campaign agreement. At the Council vote, Johnny Harrison from Lexus at Glendale said that while he supports the digital signage, he believes it should only be for Glendale businesses. He makes a good point by saying, “It’s very important to have signs that advertise businesses in Glendale. People doing business in Glendale generates more tax dollars.”

Many other residents were in protest against the signs all together, saying that they would change the character of Glendale. One resident said that the signs at the Americana outdo the signs in Hollywood, and not in a good way.

So what do you think, Glendale residents? We want to hear your thoughts one whether this is a good money stream for Glendale or just another way to make our charming town look cheaper.


Story Credit

Glendale Americana by Chris Yarzab. Used under Creative Commons license.