Glendale City Council Bans Gun Show for Safety

There is bad news for Gun enthusiasts in Glendale. Gun shows will now be banned on public city-owned property. The Glendale City Council voted on Tuesday March 12th, in favor of passing the gun ban that will be effective as of March 19th.

For many gun collectors and Glendale residents, the news is a little disheartening. The Glendale Gun Show had been hosted at the city building for the past 20 years. The vote was three to two, and Councilmen Ara Najarian and Dave Weaver were the two that voted in favor of the gun show. They have made the point that this ordinance is simply an emotional response to the recent gun violence headlines.

While gun violence has not increased in Glendale, the national news of gun violence has left everyone in despair. The council began discussing the gun show ban a little more than a month after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, involving gunman Adam Lanza who killed 20 children and six adults in Newtown, Connecticut. It is easy to see why so many people would be for a gun ban because of the tragic event, as well as many other gun killings that happen each year.

The ordinance not only bans the Glendale Gun Show from city property, but it also prohibits the possession or sale of all guns and ammunition on city-owned properties. However, the measure does not apply to the gun stores in Glendale that are already established.

Another reason why the council has banned the Glendale Gun Show is because it is close to several schools. The gun show can still be held on private property, and it is possible that those in charge of the Glendale Gun Show are making alternative arrangements.

So while this new ordinance may not please Glendale gun enthusiasts, it is always nice to have the reassurance that choices are being made to keep citizens safer.

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