Glendale Picks Theme and Star for 2014 Rose Parade Float

Glendale FloatLast month we updated you with the news of the annual Glendale Rose Parade float. It was unsure what the theme was to be and if there would even be enough funds for it to happen. Well, Glendale residents, we have some good news for you. The float theme is in, and we have a slight inkling that you are going to like it.

You may remember the loveable (or perhaps pesky) Glendale bear, Meatball. He was a bear that visited the homes of Glendale often to snack on whatever he could find. The bear gained fame and was given the funny name when caught snacking on frozen food in a local’s garage. What made Meatball such a character from all of the other wildlife that visits is that he kept returning even after being captured and sent back to the Angeles National Forest three times. Now Meatball lives at the Lions Tigers & Bears Animal Sanctuary in San Diego County. While he may not be in our trashcans anymore, he is still in our hearts.

So what does Meatball have to do with the Rose Parade float? You guessed it. He is the star of the float! While the float will not actually have the live bear featured in the parade, the 2014 float will have a mechanical Meatball that pops up and down from a trashcan.

The Glendale City Council is set to meet to go over the design and idea of the float. While Meatball will be a main component to the float, it will also include other wildlife that is so native to the Glendale area, such as a coyote, mule deer, red-tailed hawk, raccoon, and skunk. The name of the float will be called “Dreams Come True” which comes from the idea of the Glendale residents and wildlife may one day get along together.  

If you haven’t donated to the float, you can still do so now. The city has already appropriated $155,00 in funds for the float, but they are still seeking public donations. This float is a special one for Glendale because it is the 100th float.

What a fun float for the upcoming year with an even better story behind it. It will be fun to hear the story of Meatball and our community on the news and on the day of the Rose Parade.


Story Credit, Image Credit: Glendale Float by savemejebus. Used under a Creative Commons license.