Glendale Police Captain Leads the Army of Pink

Who says real men don’t wear pink? Glendale police captain is our man of the hour, or should we say our pink man of the hour!

Police Captain, Carl Povilaitis, received the title Man in Pink for Glendale Adventist’s Army of Pink campaign. This campaign happens every other year to promote the importance of breast cancer and early detection.

The Captain wanted this title because he had several friends with breast cancer and other types of cancer. He knows how hard the battle is and how devastating it is to lose someone to the fight.

Capt. Carl Povilaitis says, “You can’t go through life without running into those issues, and you see how it impacts people and families.” He adds hope by saying, “But there are those who survive, so the important message to get out is to get it detected early so you can survive.”

The campaign not only gives Glendale locals a chance to vote for their favorite candidate, but it also allows them to get to know the candidates, as well as more information on cancer and cancer prevention.

So what does the Man in Pink get? Captain Povilaitis will get the honor of riding on the Glendale Rose Float and the Glendale Adventist Cancer Center lobby will be named after him for two years, until the next candidate is chosen.

Captain Povilaitis may be the Man in Pink, but he is representing his fellow Glendale police officers. His station does a lot of community outreach, whether that is raising awareness of breast cancer or helping disabled children. He says, “That is the Glendale Police Department. That is the Glendale community. That is what makes it a great place to live and work.”

Thank you, Captain Povilaitis, for representing and serving Glendale with such an honorable title.