Glendale’s Pay to Stay Program for Inmates Earned Over $96K in 2012

Glendale residents, it seems as if there is a new hotel in town. The cost is just $85 per day, and it requires you to wear the lovely color orange. All kidding aside, jail inmates are being offered a room at the Glendale prison as part of the pay-to-stay program.

We all consider prison as the place where they lock up the bad guys, but now with the facility’s pay-to-stay program, certain inmates are allowed to serve out short court sentences for the price of $85 a day, alongside other fees, such as a processing fee.

For the $85 a day cost, the inmates sleep in a separate location than the actual prisoners and have access to phones, showers, and the day rooms. They are served two cold meals and one hot meal each day. However, alongside paying $85 per day, they also must perform laundry and janitorial duties.

Before anyone jumps to an opinion, consider how much money this program has offset the community’s tax dollars. In 2012, this program generated $96,475. This is almost $30,000 more than what was made in 2011. Also, since the program started in 2008, it has earned $1.6 million dollars. All of this helps pay for the prison which usually relies on individual’s tax dollars. Jail Administrator, Juan Lopez, makes a good point, saying, “I don’t feel that burden should be placed on the taxpayers.”

Not only is the extra money helping the community of Glendale, but it actually helps alleviate the overcrowding of the LA county prison.

Prison isn’t supposed to be a luxurious thing, but for many inmates, paying $85 a day for a smaller more private cell is a luxury. What are your thoughts on this pay to stay program? It’s hard to get upset over a program like this when it is earning so much money, but we would like to hear your thoughts.