Handy Ways to Get Out & Get Active This Spring

With more colors all around, better weather, and a much lengthier amount of daylight, spring brings with it the opportunity to be active and to be healthier in more ways than the previous season of winter did. With more and more people looking to get it together and get into their ideal summer weight, the spring is often a time where the outdoors gets utilized a great deal. Whether walking in the park, going for a nice run around the neighborhood, or even taking a dip in the pool for a little cardio workout, the spring is the perfect time of year for just about anyone to ramp up their amount of physical activity.

It’s never easy to shed that unwanted winter layer, as many people often ask themselves, “where do I even start?” Well take a look at some of these effective, yet simple ways to keep physical activity and all around fitness in your life this spring so that come summer time you’ll be in tip top shape.

Be Diligent & Be Consistent

There’s a reason that the drill instructor is used in all branches of the military…it’s because there highly effective. Having someone to motivate you and to push you towards your goal, helps you to stay focus, to never lose sight, and to actually obtain your goals in a timely manner. Finding a buddy, or even a group that you attend on a regular basis, can help you to keep physical activity in your life, and to make your own health a priority. A workout partner means that not only are you responsible for motivating someone else, but you are being held accountable by others. This method works because no one person can give up or decide to quit, because their participation is reliant on someone else as well.

One of the best things to do when it comes to doing the right things, and doing them often, is to make a plan to get into shape. Once you now what you’re striving to achieve, you can focus solely on that. Having a loose guideline, instead of a rigid plan, is the fastest way to see a health goal fail.

Keep It Simple

Don’t over think it, especially when it comes to being active. Bootcamps, and spin classes are all well and good, but if you find them overly challenging, you’re only hindering your own progress. Stick to something that you enjoy first and foremost, and then make sure your form of exercise is something that you can handle. Riding your bike, going for a swim, playing tennis, or even a nice long walk on the beach, are all suitable forms of exercise. With so many fancy gadgets and exercise equipment aimed at helping you succeed in your healthy lifestyle, it can often be confusing to know what to choose. So, the simplest and easiest method is to go with the bare minimum, and make it work for you.

Remember to Switch it Up

Because the spring allows you to explore your surroundings a little more than the colder months do, it should be easy for you to get out and do a wide array of things. Not only Is this good for you because it helps you find new and exciting ways to be active, but it also helps the body to stay alert. Doing the same workouts over and over cause a plateau effect, for the body and the mind. Keeping things fresh and changing up your workouts, or even the route you take on your walk, can do wonders for you health, more than you probably realize.

Weightlifting can help you to stay strong, helping both the muscles and the bones, and engaging in cardio helps get you to burn away fat. Just these two alone will help to shock your body, and keep your metabolism in high gear.

Make Fitness Fun

You really can’t hear this statement enough, simply because so many people are reluctant to try any form of exercise because it doesn’t appeal to them in any way. The spring means warm dry weather, so if the rain or the cold is your reason for shying away from regular exercise, you have no excuse. Make your workouts cater to you and your likes, and you’ll almost forget that you’re even working out. The fact of the matter is, if you choose something you actually do enjoy doing, taking the time out of your busy day to do it won’t feel like a chore; some people even look forward to working out as the best part of their day!

Join a club, get a membership, explore, be creative and do what makes you happy. Being healthy doesnt need to be something that you dread, especially at this wonderful time of the year. Soak up the sun, move around, and be glad that you’re doing it.

Set Realistic Goals

If your goals are attainable, you’ll be positively encouraged each day that you try to reach them. Setting goals that are actually doable, and that won’t kill you on your way to getting them, are generally the ones that are met, and also the ones that don’t have you cursing everything about exercise or being healthy. Being realistic, being smart, and taking the appropriate steps to your goals are important.

Always start small with your goals and remember that adjusting and rewriting goals along the way is perfectly acceptable. Whether hat means making them harder, or making them easier, there are no rules, only that you should be staying within your comfort zone, and looking to achieve a goal that is actually within your ability.

Know Your Way Around

From Rookies to seasoned veterans, having a plan, knowing what you’re doing, and how you’re going to get it, is something that should be drawn up, discussed and then attacked, all before that first workout session. Be smart but savvy in your approach to your own fitness. Having knowledge of what you’re getting into can prevent injuries and can prevent you from trying to do things that just aren’t possible.

Track Your Progress

A fitness journal is the best way for you to know how far your goal is, whether you need to adjust or tweak anything, and to give yourself a little confidence boost, every time you hit a small milestone. From workouts to running routes, your journal is your guide to navigating the very treacherous waters of your own health and fitness. Take a detailed inventory of everything that you can, because if you ever need to come back to it, it’ll help you in more ways than you know.

So, go and enjoy the spring, the sunshine, the many avenues of adventure that lay before you. Be safe, be smart, and make your health priority that’s fun and exciting. Switch it up, do new things, try new things, and embrace all of the changes both good and bad that come with it. Whether you’re inside or out, the spring will deliver a nice change of pace from the winter, and a great preview for the summer months ahead. Don’t let your health fall behind, stay active, stay happy and keep moving.


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