How Brazil’s World Cup Dreams & Chiropractic Care Go Hand in Hand

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you should be aware that the 2014 World Cup is fully under way. Never short of drama, great highlights and fantastic sportsmanship, yet another turn has arisen in the tournament. Host team Brazil have been the favorites to win soccer’s most prestigious tournament, not only because they have the home crowd behind them, but because they have the world’s best players.


One of these players, arguably the face of the nation and the team as a whole is known simply as Neymar. Leading the team in goals coming into the tournament, he was on fire in the first rounds of the tournament. In their last game (which they won, and are now set to play super power Germany) he suffered a devastating injury, and has been ruled out of the remainder of the tournament.

Neymar suffered a fractured bone in his vertebrae during the quarter-final victory against Colombia. Taken off the field on a stretcher, as he writhed in pain, Neymar was struck in the back with a knee by Colombian defender Juan Zuniga.

This injury luckily doesn’t require surgery, and the timetable for a return to any soccer action is around six weeks. He will however, be in a back brace for the entirety of his recovery. This back brace keeps the spine from moving, allowing the bone to heal in proper alignment. His rehabilitation once he is cleared to remove the back brace will consist of physical therapy and regular chiropractic care to ensure that the bone is properly healed and that he is able to move and perform as he once was.

Here at The Joint, Glendale, we deal a lot with patients who are recovering from injuries, either sustained through sports and athletic performances, or in car accidents to mention just a few. Consistent chiropractic treatment, such as is offered here by our highly knowledgeable staff, is a key element in proper health.

The vertebrae makes up the spine and the spine is the basis for movement and good health. Any misalignments in the spine or neck can throw off the balance of the central nervous system and can result in many serious health issues. Any back tightness, soreness, pain or injury should be taken care of by a licensed doctor of chiropractic. With great and flexible hours, no appointments necessary and a staff with years and a great wealth of experience and knowledge, The Joint, Glendale is the best place for you to ensure that your health is in check.

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