How budgeting for chiropractic can save big bucks

A 3 part series just for moms about chiropractic care. Start at the beginning.

I bet you $10 that back pain, stiff neck, sciatica pain or car accident injuries are the first things that come to mind when you think of going to see the chiropractor, and not saving money. After all, chiropractors, are back doctors right? If you believe that, then you couldn’t be more right And wrong at the same time.

The big chiropractic picture, the very reason chiropractic was invented over a hundred years ago, was for preventative healthcare. That’s right, keeping the sniffles, headaches and illness at bay so that your family doesn’t have to spend hours and cash at the doctor’s office.

You see, your body was designed with everything it needs to live, defend and heal itself from illness and disease. It does this by sending signals to and from the brain from different parts of your body via the nervous system–the most complicated and efficient communication system on earth.

Through our daily routines of sleeping wrong, carrying our kids, exercising, desk jobs, trips and falls we often put our nervous system out of whack. Chiropractors help realign those tweaks to make sure mom, dad and children have healthy spines week after week.

To summarize, people who use regular chiropractic care get sick less and spend less money on costly insurance co-pays and meds.

Part three: Can chiropractic really do all that for my kids? See what we’re talking about here…



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