How Chiropractic is Helping the U.S. Win Gold

a logo of the 2012 OlympicsA Columbia chiropractor, with an amazing testimony, is heading to London to help U.S. athletes perform at their tip top shape.

The Maximized Living Sports Council, a health care group that works with the U.S. Olympic Committee, selected Rose to travel with U.S. Olympic athletes to London for the 2012 games.

Since 2009, Aaron Rose, an MU graduate, has been treating and preparing the U.S. judo, weightlifting, wrestling and volleyball teams for the London Olympics. Rose was surprised at how much junk food Olympic athletes ate when he first took the assignment.

“Everyone thinks top athletes means top nutrition, and you’d see on the sidelines a lot of Coca Colas and junk food and stuff like that,” Rose said. “I don’t know how you can compete and expect to win gold if you don’t eat like a champion.”

The way Rose treats athletes slightly differs from a traditional chiropractor because he also focuses on nutrition and exercise. Rose changed the way he practiced chiropractic care when his son became sick with asthma, eczema and allergies. At first, he though his son would simply “grow out of it,” but soon, his condition’s worsened to the point of debilitation.

Medical doctors told Rose and family that their son would be on medication for life, a diagnosis Rose would not accept.

Less than a year later, and thanks to Rose’s combination of chiropractic care, nutrition and exercise regiments, his son made a full recovery. Today his son is not only disease free, but medication free.

Our health is important, and taking care of our bodies should be a high priority. Junk food, ya, we all give in here and there, and that’s okay, just as long as we exercise, eat well and see our . I also encourage you to get a massage often. Keeping a routine like this can keep your doctor visits to a minimum and your body free from harsh medications

If chiropractic care can improve the performance of Olympic athletes and bring a sickly boy back to health, you gotta ask yourself, “What can it do for you?”

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