How Do E-Cigs Really Work?

It has turned into a multi million dollar industry in less than a decade. It’s one of the biggest trends in the US today. Slated as a healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, or “e-cigs” are everywhere we look now. Many of us know what the electronic cigarette does, but not exactly the ins and outs of how it works.

What Los Angeles residents should know about e-cigarettes and their rights


An alternative method to consuming the addictive chemical found in tobacco, the e-cig does not contain any tobacco whatsoever. The result is a vapor that looks just like the smoke that comes from a normal tobacco cigarette, without the pollutants and chemicals. This is why many e-cig smokers enjoy their cigarettes indoors and in places that traditional tobacco cigarettes are not allowed.

Equipped with a battery, the e-cig converts liquid nicotine into a mist, because of the absence of carbon dioxide and tar, the smoke is not harmful to those around or the smoker. Unlike traditional cigarettes the e-cig does not need to be lit, the battery inside helps heat the nicotine liquid inside the electronic cigarette and convert the liquid to vapor, simply inhaling from the cigarette starts this action and the process is instantaneous.

There are three main components to an electronic cigarette, even though some are made slightly differently, the inner workings are the same. The cigarettes come with a lithium battery, a vaporization chamber and a cartridge. The battery powers the cigarette, and in some cases is able to be recharged, some even through a usb port. The battery connects to the vaporization chamber where the vapor is made. The cartridge is where the nicotine liquid is held and that is connected to the vaporization chamber, the tip of the cartridge is where the user inhale and begins the process.

The liquid inside the cartridge is typically a substance called propylene glycol, until it was used in e-cigs, it was found as an additive in foods and in fog machines. Consumers can choose to buy cartridges with or without nicotine, and some e-cigs are flavored, some even have a built in non removable cartridge for a limited number of uses. A fully charged battery usually lasts about as long as a standard pack of cigarettes, making e-cigs not only a healthier option should you choose the non nicotine liquid, but also much cheaper, which ups the appeal to most who use them.


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