How to Set Health Resolutions You WIll Actually Do this New Year

Have you thought of your New Year’s resolutions yet? I am going to take a wild guess and say that getting healthier is probably on your list. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, eat better, or just feel better, you will greatly benefit from a healthier resolution. However, let’s be real. How many times have people committed to a resolution, made changes in January and February, then forgot about their resolution until the end of December rolled by again? Make this time different. Make this the year that you get healthy once and for all. Here’s how:

  1. Set Attainable, Specific Goals: Anyone can say they want to lose weight. In fact, you would reach your goal of “losing weight” if you just lost a pound. By setting such a non-specific and vague goal, you have no idea where the finish line is. Instead, make your goals specific and attainable. Setting the goal of losing 50 lbs by March is not healthy or realistic. Instead, set goals like, “I am going to lose 1 pound a week until I am at my goal weight of ___”, or “I am going to exercise four times a week for at least thirty minutes”.
  2. Break Your Big Goals into Mini Goals: Take your big goals and break them down into smaller bites. The goal to lose 60 lbs is a big and daunting one. Instead, don’t focus on the 60 lbs, focus on losing 5 lbs a month.
  3. Set Deadlines and Have Rewards and Consequences: Don’t set your goals and then not have a specific deadline. When do you want to achieve your resolution? What will be the reward or consequence if you don’t?
  4. Set Up a Support System: Many people have the will to want to be healthier in the New Year, however, that fervor to get healthy quickly loses its appeal, especially by the time Valentine’s Day chocolates make their debut. Who can you choose to be your support system? Pick someone who will be hard on you and keep you accountable. Find online support through weight loss forums and chats too.
  5. Figure Out the Steps to Success: Every successful trip has a map and plan behind it. Plan out how you are going to achieve your healthy goals this upcoming year. Find little steps you can take each day – such as walking during your lunch break or bringing a healthy lunch to work. It may be a preventative step, such as avoiding the junk food aisles when you go shopping.

Let this be the year that you really do become healthy. Take small steps to reach your goal. As long as you are taking a step forward, you are making change.

Not sure which healthy resolutions to add to your list? Here are a few healthy resolutions everyone should consider this upcoming year:

  • Drink more water
  • Eliminate soda from your diet
  • Walk at least 20 minutes every day
  • Stretch when you get out of bed and before you get into bed
  • Visit the chiropractor for regular adjustments for your overall health
  • Eat in a way that makes you feel healthy and free
  • Take a multi-vitamin daily
  • Treat your sleep schedule with more respect

What are your healthy resolutions for the new year?