How’s your garden growing?

a picture of a dead gardenSo you go down to your favorite nursery and buy a bunch of new plants, soil and fertilizer. You get out in the yard and prepare the soil then plant your plants. You’ve done a lot of hard work but now the yard looks great.

You’ve got the hose connected to your sprinkler so the new garden will get all the water it needs to grow and thrive. You turn on the faucet and that life force, that water, flows and your garden is nourished and happy.

All of a sudden a big rock rolls off the hill (STRESS) and lands smack dab on your hose. Now that water is being cut off. The garden starts to wilt and eventually it will die.

This is just like when you have a subluxation. A bone in your spine is out of place ( the rock) and it is cutting off the life force (water) coming from your brain (faucet) through your nerve system (hose) to your whole body (garden).

What do we do about it?

Well, in the medical paradigm thinking, the “outside-in” thinking, this is the plan: The garden is wilting (you’re sick, you have disease, you just don’t feel right, you’re tired etc, etc) so let’s put more fertilizer on it (vitamins, minerals, lotions, potions, the supplement du jour you just read about or saw on the Dr Oz show etc, etc). Still wilting? OK, so let’s put some pesticide, fungicide, and herbicide on it (drugs). Still wilting. Well, let’s just take out the wilted and dead plants and plant new ones (surgery). Guess what, nothing is working. The plants are still dying. I’ve got it! We’ll just pave it all over and put in a cement patio (Forest Lawn and a headstone).

a picture of a beautiful gardenHow about a different approach? Let’s try that crazy old time, old fashioned, traditional chiropractor. Take the rock off the hose (adjustment) to restore the water flow (life force of your nerve system). Voila! The garden starts healing, getting stronger, lusher, thriving, more beautiful (your life does the same). It’s really that simple. All healing is inside out, the Power that made the body heals the body; it happens no other way. You can’t help but get better with a stronger nerve system.

See you at your next adjustment!

Dr. Andrew