Humorous Signs to Discourage Smoking in Glendale

No smokingThe City of Glendale wants you to laugh your butts off, your cigarette butts that is. To keep smoking away from the parks, sports complex, and trails, the city has come up with eighteen witty signs to tell individuals that smoking is not welcomed.

Even though Glendale is taking a laid back approach to this issue, their attitude is serious. They are hoping the humor signs get their message across more clearly. Go ahead and have a giggle, here are a few of the messages:

  • “Our deer don’t smoke in your backyard. Please don’t smoke in theirs.”
  • “Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground. Our squirrels are getting cancer.”
  • “Smokers will be fed to the bears.”
  • One sign that did not make the cut was, “Smoking provokes aggressive behavior in mountain lions.”

Smoking has been banned in the parks and on trails, but unfortunately there is just not enough patrol units to enforce this on every trail. The city had tried traditional outreach and was not successful. The idea to give humor a shot came from Marc Stirdivant, a senior administrative analyst, and Emil Tatevosian, the parks project management administrator. The two came up with the ideas for the signs on a flight back form from Sacramento.

So how are these signs doing? Well, it is hard to track their impact, but a few Trail Safety Patrol volunteers have said there has been a difference.

Individuals should give smoking a second thought, especially when enjoying the parks and trails. Not only do the butts and smoke ruin the beauty of nature, but it also increases the risk of fires. Remember, you are out in the wilderness, enjoy the fresh air; don’t ruin it for others. Whether or not smoking gives the Glendale squirrels cancer, we will let you decide.


Story Credit, Image Credit: No smoking by Ken Hawkins. Used under Creative Commons license.