Is Your Back Pain Caused By Dehydration?

There are so many tips and tricks out there on how to prevent and treat lower back pain. However, one solution that is not often heard is to drink more water. It may seem too simple to make a difference, but dehydration could be causing you lower back pain.

David Haworth wrote an article entitled, “Water – Elixir of Life,” which details his personal experience with pain and dehydration. He said that his sciatic pain just kept getting worse, despite trying stretching, a new diet, more rest, herbs, and adjustments. The pain was so miserable that he could hardly walk. So imagine his surprise when he discovered the solution to his problem was to drink more water. No magic pill or surgery, just water.

David explained why dehydration can lead to back pain, as well as other problems. He said that when we are dehydrated, our muscles begin to create and collect lactic acid. This causes stiffness and soreness. It can even pull bones out of place. In David’s case, his vertebrae caused his disc to bulge, which irritated the sciatic nerve, all because he wasn’t hydrated.

While water is the answer to good health and back pain relief, it won’t necessarily happen overnight. It turns out that dehydration is a chronic condition and can take one month to three to become fully hydrated again. The body is made up of mostly water, so it only makes sense that lack of water will cause the body to not work properly and to show negative symptoms.

In fact, ninety percent of problems and symptoms can be attributed to chronic dehydration. Everything from allergies to weight control can be fixed with consuming more water.

Still not convinced that water is an important asset to your diet? Here are some more facts for you.

  • Being dehydrated is just as harmful to your heart as smoking!
  • A drop in body water of only 2% can lead to problems with focusing and short-term memory.
  • A drop in body water of just 5% can decrease an individual’s work production as much as 20-30%.
  • Even mild dehydration can slow one’s metabolism as much as 3%.

If these scary facts don’t have you reaching for a glass of water, then nothing will. Don’t just stick to eight glasses of water though. Instead, it is essential to drink the amount of ounces your body needs. To find this number, just simply divide your weight by two.

Did you have any idea that water was that important to your health? Don’t let another minute go by of being dehydrated. Work to drink more water each day so that you can experience optimal health.

an infographic about the body, water and dehydration


Story Credit, Image Credit:Glass of Water by Greg Riegler. Used under Creative Commons license.