Los Angeles At The Forefront Of The Ban On E-Cigarettes

Los Angeles prides itself on being ahead of the curve, setting trends and being the place that most looks to anything innovative and new. Whether it’s technology, fashion or the latest and greatest in must have accessories to better your life. One of the biggest of these to hit the scene in the last five years is the electronic cigarette. Touted as the healthier alternative to actual cigarettes, and a new and ingenious way to kick the habit of smoking those deadly carcinogenic cigarettes, this device has swept the nation and taken it by storm. Unfortunately, as ahead of the curve and forward as Los Angeles is, it’s now setting another trend that may not go down so well with its residents.

Everything you need to know about e-cigarettes and how they work


After over a decade’s worth of effort by those in California to have these electronic cigarettes legal to use just about anywhere, LA is now putting a stop to them. Banning the use of e-cigarettes in public places is the latest legislature looking to be passed, in order to promote better health and well being in the Golden State.

Because the devices use vapor and not smoke filled with any toxic elements, like that of a cigarette, they were welcomed with open arms into most places, inside and out. (Some devices do use small traces of nicotine, and is the subject of the ban itself). However, that has all changed, as Los Angeles is the latest to restrict the use of e-cigarettes in public places, with the LA City Council voting 12-0 on the measure to ban the use of the devices in restaurants, workplaces and parks. Although banned in these places, the ban, when imposed will allow people to use e-cigarettes in vapor lounges and vapor stores.

These drastic measures have been put into motion because new statistics show that those who start using an e-cigarette, especially at a younger age, are more likely to start smoking actual cigarettes than to quit altogether. The initiative to ban e-cigarettes, even though deemed a much better alternative to the real thing, is being done in the hopes that the use of cigarettes of any kind will diminish and the health of Los Angeles as a whole will improve.


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