Seven Habits That Healthy People Do Not Have

Start diet todayIf you want to be healthier this upcoming year, you are going to have to make some changes. Changing habits can be hard, but also beneficial to a healthier lifestyle. Crash diets and quick fixes will never give you the results that developing healthy habits will. If you are serious about changing your health for the better, then study the habits of people who are healthier and fitter than you.

Here are seven habits that healthy people do not do. Are you guilty of one of more of them? Focus on changing the below habits into healthier ones to get off to the right start.

  1. Healthy People Don’t Overeat: A popular tactic in Japan is to eat until you are 80 percent full. This is completely opposite of what most of us are taught as kids. We are urged to clean our plates and to take just one more bite. Now that you are an adult, focus on how full you are becoming. Don’t wait until you have eaten too much. Instead, walk away from your meal at 80 percent satisfaction, saving the rest for another meal.
  2. They Don’t Treat Exercise as a Punishment or Option: Many people hate working out and for good reason. When you look at working out as a punishment for being overweight or for eating too much, then it will be hard to enjoy. However, if you treat exercise as you would a hobby and stay committed to it because it is fun and great for your energy level, then you are more likely going to lose weight through exercise. Think of exercise as something you will do the rest of your life, not a quick way to drop a few pounds.
  3. They Don’t Smoke: There are no ifs, ands or butts about it (pun intended). Smoking is bad for your health and will affect many areas of your health, including your respiratory health and back health. If you are still smoking, then that is the first bad health habit you need to tackle. It will be hard but worth it in the end.
  4. They Don’t Eat Junk: Sure, a healthy person might indulge in a little sweet or processed food here or there, but take a look at the majority of their diet. Chances are they are eating clean, protein-rich food. They treat food as a fuel source not just a source of pleasure. Changing your outlook on what you eat and why you eat it will play a major part in slimming your waistline and changing your health for the better.
  5. They Don’t Make Excuses: Everyone is busy or tired or getting hit over the head with the unpredictable things of life. It is rare to find the perfect circumstances to exercise in. The difference between healthy people and not so healthy people is that the healthy people don’t make excuses. They see the trial and overcome it. Life is going to be hard and busy no matter what. Would you rather deal with the hard stuff while being overweight and unhealthy or while being toned and full energy?
  6. They Don’t Seek Short-Term Rewards: Looking for the quick fix solution to health will only put your health at risk. Don’t let an upcoming event spur you to drastic measures. It took time to put on your weight, so expect it to take time to take off. Don’t try to be skinny by next month, but instead have the perspective that if you slowly change your health habits, you could be 40-50 pounds smaller by next year through the slow and healthy loss of one pound a week.
  7. They Don’t Expect to Be Taken Care Of: It is as simple as this, healthy people are in control of their lives. They don’t let their unhealthy obsessions or weight control them. You can bet that once people succeed in getting control over their health, many other successes in life come their way. This is because they have learned the power of dedication, discipline, and hard work.

Remember not every skinny person or person with a set of impressive muscles is actually healthy. Aim to change the above bad health habits in your life and you will truly be closer to better health, no matter what the scale says.


Remember to always consult your chiropractor or physician before taking any health advice.

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