Should You Be Taking a Multi-Vitamin?

My daily regimenIn the healthy living world, what isn’t a debate? It seems like every month there is a new debate about whether a vegan diet is best or if a Paleo diet is better. Then there are topics like Genetically Modified Organisms and natural remedies and treatments that get people hot and bothered. One popular topic is the debate over multi-vitamins. Are daily multi-vitamins actually hurting or helping your health?

There are so many multi-vitamins on the market, that it can be a little overwhelming. Just go into the vitamin section of your local store and be prepared to be blown away at how many brands, vitamins, and supplements there are out there. If that wasn’t a headache enough, then add the debates going back and forth on whether or not to even take a multi-vitamin. Considering that Americans spends $14 billion dollars each year on vitamins, it is a costly subject desperate of an answer.

Nutrient Deficiencies

Let’s start with the facts. Majority of the American population is not getting enough vitamins and nutrients from the food they eat. This could be due to poor diets, as well as the inferiority of produce these days. So while vitamins should not be a replacement for good health, they may help individuals close the gap on their nutritional deficiencies.

This is where the confusing part comes in. There are so many articles for and against vitamins that they contradict each other. In example, one study showed that a multi-vitamin in older men reduced their prostate cancer risk by 8 percent. Then another study proves contradictory saying that cancer has been linked to high levels of anti-oxidant intake. Which study do you rely on?

An Individual Approach

When it comes to health topics, you can find a study or article for and against it. Don’t get overwhelmed by the conflicting information that is out there. Instead, do your research and find out what is best for you and your health.

Also, when it comes to vitamins, know that there are a lot of junk brands and products available. Many companies produce subpar vitamins and benefit from the profits. You want to find a quality vitamin, and you want to ensure you are getting more nutrients and vitamins from a healthy diet. A doctor or nutritionist may be your best source of information as to the best vitamins and supplements.

So what is the final conclusion to the great vitamin debate? Unfortunately we can’t peg a clear answer on it, just like many of the other health topics. However, health is a personal journey, so find what works for you and your health.


Remember to always consult your chiropractor or physician before taking any health advice.

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