Simple Steps To a Gluten Free Grill

As the warmer months pass us by, it’s still not too late to break out the barbecue and enjoy good food with friends and family. In fact, the grills will probably see more action in September – January as more and more professional sporting events are played in those months. No NFL game weekend is complete without a nice burger or hot dog to eat and enjoy. However, for those looking to eat healthy, this can be the time of year where discipline and overall health can be tested the most.


Here are a few simple rules to follow in order to grill without the grease, and stay healthy and nutritious in your diet. Going gluten free is the easiest way to make what you’re consuming, instantly healthier. Check out these tips and tricks on how to do that.

Watch Out
Grilling can often be a tricky art form, especially when grilling for multiple people, all of whom have different needs, preferences and requests. Separating gluten from no gluten, meat from veggie and the like, can sometimes be a task within itself. Utilizing the grill rack, as well as turning certain portions of the grill into designated areas for specific foods, can help you to grill with ease and to make everyone’s palate happy.

It is especially important for those swearing off gluten due to Celic disease, that the grill is properly cleaned after each use. It sounds like a chore and also like something that everyone should do, but cleaning the grill isn’t always done each time, and it can leave room for contamination. Grill brushes work wonders, but so too do clean plates, silverware and attention to detail whilst cooking.

Don’t Forget Fillers
No matter what the label says, even the “healthiest” of foods can come with some hidden items that may not be all that great for your health as a whole. In fact, it’s well known that the biggest offenders when it comes to fillers in their food are veggie burgers, turkey burgers and hot dogs. Even adding things to the side can spark the downfall of the healthy plate, as many popular sauces and spreads have gluten in them, as well as unhealthy chemicals. Knowing the full ingredient list before you eat is always important.

Sauce Isn’t Always Safe
This being said, sauces also carry pretty heavy amounts of harsh, health-harming ingredients. Prepared marinades and BBQ sauces for example can be great at enhancing the flavor of poultry and beef, but are typically among the more popular of the hidden gluten items in the barbecue repertoire. Many contain malt or wheat gluten as a binder, with some even containing soy sauce which is actually quite high in gluten. Opt for a gluten free, chemical free version by creating your own or looking a little closer at the labels.

Consult your primary care physician or chiropractor for any medical related advice.




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