Sit Up Straight to Keep Your Spine Healthy

Good news for chronic slouchers: It’s never too late to relearn good posture. No, you don’t need to walk around with books on your head to get serious results; just a few healthy spine tips will take you from slouchy and grouchy to sitting straight and feeling great!

The most important thing that you need to know for better posture is to keep your spine neutral. A neutral spine means keeping your spine in its normal S-shape, both the top and bottom gliding outwards, while the middle of your spine curves delicately inward. Your back doesn’t need to be ramrod straight. If you’re at your desk, you should sit in a comfortable position that accommodates your arch by sitting with your pelvis in the upright, forward position. You may also wish to use a pillow behind your back for additional lumbar support.

When standing, keep your feet apart to take some of the weight off of your spine, and push your shoulders back so that you don’t start curling inwards on yourself. Keep your knees relaxed; locked knees can cause a world of health problems. Above all, keep your body as loose as possible to save wear and tear on your back.

Remember, humans aren’t meant to resemble commas. If you find yourself frequently hunched forward, or if you experience pain while trying to sit properly, contact your chiropractor immediately. They’ll be able to diagnose your problem and get you back on the straight and narrow.

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