Six Foods That Can Give Your Brain a Much Needed Boost

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WalnutsWho doesn’t want to be a little smarter? Thankfully, you don’t have to spend years studying to increase your brainpower. You can, instead, just tweak your diet a little bit to enjoy the benefits. Of course, eating these healthy foods will not turn you into the next Bill Gates. However, they will help your brain perform optimally.

  1. Nuts: We don’t think it is a coincidence that walnuts look like little brains and that they are great for your brainpower.
  2. Fish: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study saying that increased fish intake could reduce the risk of dementia up to 20 percent. Of course, you will want to stick with fish that are not full of mercury, such as wild-caught salmon.
  3. Green Tea: Green tea will give your brain a boost in two ways. First, since it has caffeine, it will boost your brainpower if you start your day with a cup. Secondly, green tea is packed with a lot of antioxidants, which can then protect your brain from future memory loss and degenerative diseases.
  4. Dark Greens: It is always a wise idea to fill your diet with dark, leafy greens, such as spinach, kale, collard and more. This will not only boost your overall health, but it can also slow down or reverse memory loss. Dark, leafy greens may seem insignificant, but they really do pack a powerful health punch.
  5. Oatmeal: Pick oatmeal over your usual milk and cereal for breakfast for a better feast for your brain. Oatmeal will also keep your blood sugar stable, which will keep your brain sharper and focused for several hours.
  6. Water: Don’t underestimate the power of water. Dehydration can damage your brain’s ability to keep your focus and recall information. The scary thing is that majority of us are chronically dehydrated, so drink up!

Our brains are complex parts of our body. They are made up of mostly fat and water, which is why they need health fats and water to keep them working like they should. You can beat any memory fog with the right nutrition.


Remember to always consult your chiropractor or physician before taking any health advice.

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