Staying Healthy While Filming On Location

Traveling is a great part of life. Exploring the world in which we live in is something I recommend to anyone. If you have the chance to see it all, then do it. Whether you travel for fun or for work, it can often be quite stressful or tiresome. Travel eventually runs us down, obviously depending on the duration of travel and how frequent it occurs. Being in the entertainment industry, travel is as much a part of your life as reading a script. This being said, it can have adverse effects on health. Traveling can wear down the immune system, especially if taking measures to prevent illness falls by the way side, which is often the case on a busy schedule.

Unfortunately, many of us get caught up in the excitement of visiting new places that we forget to prepare ourselves for the elements that can make traveling a health burden, things such as the inability to find clean healthy food, or being stuck on an airplane for hours. However, with appropriate prep and mindfulness, it’s easy to give your body the support it needs to cope lengthy period of travel. These remedies are simple, easy and effective.


Flight Prep

Long duration flights come with complementary meals; these meals are complementary for a reason. Offering little to no actual nutrients or health benefits, these highly processed, hydrogenated meals are just as good as eating cardboard. A great way to ensure that your stomach thanks you upon landing is to prepare food before the flight. Try packing nuts, apples, celery with a little peanut butter, oatmeal cookies or even granola bars. All of these are easy to travel with, pack a great healthy punch, and will leave you full and nourished upon arrival at your destination. (Be sure to check all flight regulations regarding fruit and liquids before flying)

Know Your Surroundings

The great thing about travel is that you get to try new and exciting cuisines. If you’re filming on location for an elongated period of time, what better way to get to know your surroundings than to explore the local delicacies? Seeking out healthy food options in the local area will make your stay there that much more enjoyable. Perhaps researching before you even land on location, finding organic cafes, restaurants or supermarkets.

Load Up on H20

The benefits of water have been documented tenfold the world over. Vacations often call for drinks of the alcoholic persuasion, but squeezing water in between sips of Mai Tai’s is just as important. Flying can often dehydrate the body, so replenishing is a great way to keep the body in balance.


Part of being healthy and staying healthy is making sure the body gets adequate time to maintain that state of equilibrium. Sleeping is when we power down and our bodies and minds get to recharge and be ready for what the next day has to offer. Without sufficient sleep, the days ahead will be extremely difficult, not to mention the effects it will have on our outwardly appearance which needs to be at its best in front of the camera.


Always consult your primary care physician or chiropractor for any medical related advice.

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