Surefire Tips to Become Healthier with a Hectic Schedule

Life is hectic, period. While all of us may want to be healthier, the reality of living a healthier life is hard when our schedules are full. In fact, one of the most common reasons for not leading a healthy lifestyle is lack of time. It’s hard to have willpower to eat healthy when you are overwhelmed with work and other activities. With a little help from these tips you can be healthier than ever even when your schedule is full.

Multitask while you workout.

Too busy to workout? Think again. Take a closer look at your schedule to see which must-dos can be done at the gym. For example, if you are meeting up with friends, why not get social over the treadmill. If you watch television, invest in an exercise machine and workout while you watch. Have to make some business calls? Do it while pedaling away on a stationary bike. There is no excuse not to fit in a little fitness into your day. It will make you feel better and help you manage your every day stress with ease.

Prepare healthy meals in advanced.

Ever heard the saying, “Fail to prepare; prepare to fail”? If you don’t have your healthy meals prepared and ready for the day, then life’s hectic moments will swoop in and take over. It is easy to grab takeout when you don’t have a healthy lunch packed, and it is easy to come home from work and stuff chips in your face if you don’t have something healthy waiting for you. Take an hour on the weekend to plan and prepare your healthy meals for the week.

Listen to self-help and health books while you drive.

If you have a long list of books you want read yet can’t find the time, buy them in an audio version. You can easily turn your commute to work into an hour or more of reading time. Even if you are only in the car for fifteen minutes at a time, the time does add up. Listen to books that will help you become healthier, whether they are books on how to deal with your stress or how to boost your metabolism. Not into non-fiction books? Even listening to your favorite fiction books can help you through brightening your mood and engaging your brain. You can even learn a language or improve your vocabulary while driving. It sure beats listening to mindless morning radio talk.

Get rid of the bad habits and find more time.

We all have bad habits that we would like to get rid of. Not only are many of our bad habits unhealthy for us, but they are also sucking away our precious free time. Think about some of the bad habits you may have. For example, if you are a smoker, you already know you are putting your health at risk. However, did you ever stop and consider how much time you are wasting on your addiction? A ten minute smoke break, six times a day adds up to an hour. That adds up to 365 extra hours each year that you could spend doing something else. Some other time wasting bad habits to consider are drinking, stalking exes on Facebook, and watching trashy television in the wee hours of the night.

You may look at your crazy schedule and think, “Who has time to be healthy?” These tips will help you creatively fit in some extra healthy time into your day.