Teaching Your Kids Good Posture

kids and 50mm 1.2Have you ever seen the way your child falls asleep in awkward positions in the car or how your teen can sit on his knees to play video games for a long time? Kids have amazing bodies that can bend and move in ways that we as adults can only dream of. While none of their funny positions will cause them back pain now or in the future, it is very wise to teach your children how to have good posture. Developing good posture habits with your kids at a young age will help them avoid problems later down the road.

  1. Teach them how to sit in a chair. Chances are your child spends most of his day sitting. Teach him that it is important to sit up straight with his back against the chair and his feet flat on the ground. If your child has a hard time keeping this position at the dinner table due to height, add a stool and seat booster to help.
  2. Avoid too much technology. Technology is driving the current generation to have horrible posture. The new technology has majority of people slumped over smart phones and laptops. One way to avoid this is to limit time on technology. Another tip is to have your child use the laptop, tablet, or smartphone at a desk with a stand for the technology to keep it eye-level with your child.
  3. Remind them to stand up straight. You will have to remind them to stand up straight very often. It is natural for them to want to slouch and slump over. For a fun way to help your kids have better posture, try the Nintendo Wii. The Wii is one gaming system that encourages good posture.

 Other Things That Prevent Good Posture

Tight clothes and shoes are uncomfortable on children and can cause them to have poor posture. Make sure their clothes and shoes fit well. Also, it is best to have them wear shoes that support their natural arch rather than something that is trendy or fashionable. Finally, heavy bags and backpacks can also be a problem when it comes to good posture. Make sure your child or teen’s bag is not too heavy and that they are carrying it correctly.

As parents, there is only so much we can do for our children’s health. Hopefully these posture developing tips will stick with your kids for many years to come. Remember though, kids will be kids, so don’t be too hard on them if they forget to have good posture often.


Image Credit:kids and 50mm 1.2 by Powel Loj. Used under Creative Commons license.