The 5 Facets of Health by Dr Andrew

There are, I believe, five facets to health that each and everyone of us should do our utmost to keep in check. After all, by maintaining these five things, your health will be better served and ultimately your overall self as well. The beauty of it is the five facets are simple to recognize and understand. However, as simple as they are, there is this sweeping disconnect in our society/culture at large that doesn’t get the job done. Whether we chalk that up to being too busy or too lazy or too whatever the excuse is, our health as a human population is poor I think we can all agree. So as we go over the five facets, it’s not about understanding them. It’s about making the decision to do something to ensure all five are being taken care of. Remember health is not defined by how you look or feel but rather how you function!

Here we go…enjoy!

Eat well

There are a thousand and one books, websites, blogs, etc. on what eating well means. So let’s keep it simple. What you put in is what you get out! Eat a balanced diet with good, clean meats, grains and fruits and veggies. Reduce sugar and artificially flavored or enhanced anything as much as possible. Drink lots of water! If you put healthy stuff in, your innate intelligence will direct your body in healthy ways; why would it not? One startling thing I came across I want to share with you guys is that the average American family eats fast food 12.5 times per week! If there are 21 meals in a week (3 meals a day x 7 days in a week), that’s over 50% of the time! That’s crazy but very telling. It’s no wonder the fast food industry is a multi-billion dollar machine. And it’s no wonder then why our society at large is in such ill health…what you put in is what you get out.

Get adequate sleep

This is a no brainer I know, but how many of us actually get “adequate” sleep? Now what’s adequate for one may not be adequate for another. There are variables to consider; there is no perfect number of hours for everyone so don’t rely on that 8 hour hallmark. Some people require more, some less. For me, I need about 6.5 to 7 hours of sleep a night to be adequately rested. My kids on the other hand would be monsters if they only got 7 hours. They are better with 9-10. I have a good friend who does great on 4-5. You have to figure out what your number is and make sure you get that consistently! Remember at sleep our body is recharging; taking care of those quiet, intricate details that keep us going to be our best. So find your number and get it! You’ll hear me say it often, “Sleep is a weapon!!”


Use it or lose it ladies and gentlemen. Now again let’s keep the term exercise simple because there are endless ways to exercise. I believe everyone should be doing something active and enjoyable at least 30 minutes a day. It doesn’t mean you are trying to get on the cover of Muscle and Fitness magazine, but it means you are actively using the body you were given. So whether you like to take evening walks with your honey, or lift weights, or run, or swim, or climb, it doesn’t matter as long as you are out there daily doing something. So get at it and stay at it! Your body will love you for it.

Think positive

In this day and age with all of life’s challenges it can be very hard to think positive. There is more widespread anxiety and depression than ever before. But to face all of that with an attitude of gratitude for what you have, to see the simple blessings in your life whether that is health or family or a home or the ability to feed yourself puts life into a different context. Because for a lot of us, fear, anxiety and depression are wrapped around things we aren’t or things we haven’t gained or accomplished. They surround what’s wrong not what’s right. They surround what’s falling apart not what’s strong and holding together. Do yourself a favor and recognize what’s positive and good about you—we all have lots of good things inside us. And once you recognize them in yourself, you will be able to recognize them in others more easily. Thinking more positively about yourself and those around you makes the world a more positive place to be and will allow you the ability to face life’s challenges stronger and more at ease. Stay positive, stay positive. And surround yourself with other positive people and influences too.

Keep a clear nervous system

You had to know this was coming. But as cliché as it may sound coming from a chiropractor, it is the absolute truth. Your nervous system is the computer that runs your show. And whether you’re thinking about it or not, it thankfully does its job day in day out. Your nervous system speaks to every cell in your body relaying thousands of messages every day from the brain to the body and back again. The clearer the lines of communication are open, the more effectively and efficiently the nervous system works and the better you will do over a life time. Now, as I have said many times, what interrupts those lines of communication are subluxation–bone out of place putting pressure on a nerve. Subluxations are born out of the stresses of life, and those happen on a regular basis over a lifetime. That is why it is so important and why I am so adamant about you all coming to get adjusted at least once a week. It’s to keep your nervous system as clear as possible because life won’t stop it’s attack on it. So keep coming in for your adjustments! Let’s keep the power turned on full tilt! It’s both a honor and pleasure to work with each and every one of you each week to see the spark in you either getting brighter again or to watch you continue to burn bright! Love you guys!!

And there you have it—the 5 facets. As you can tell, the first four are solely your responsibility. The last one is mine. It’s teamwork. You stay positive, eat right, sleep right and exercise. And when you come in to see me every week, I will make sure the subluxations are corrected so you can continue to be as healthy as possible!!

See you at your next adjustment,

Dr Andrew