The Hot Pod Workout Is Heating Up Los Angeles

Iobella. The word is probably foreign to you and doesn’t resonate one bit or trigger anything in your mind. Soon enough it will.

Imported from Argentina, by way of Switzerland, this new style of workout has hit the US and the Los Angeles area is the first to get a taste.

With its Pilates like movements, this workout is truly like nothing you’ve ever experienced. From the get go, you know that this is something brand new, as the workouts see you individually housed inside a heated pod at about 100 degrees, for the purpose of literally melting fat away as you sculpt and tone the body. Much as Bikram yoga claims to help shed toxins, Iobella promises to expedite the process of fat loss within the body thanks to the high heat and enclosed pod. With rigorous non stop exercise routines done in the pod, building muscle is just one of the many highlights of this new and interesting workout routine.


How It All Works

The workout is one part of a three-pronged approach; Iobella claims will help women lose inches from targeted areas, with specifically designed workouts to target those areas. The method starts with a full-body assessment that is conducted by the health professionals at the Iobella facility. A full workup of data is recorded, measuring your arms, legs, hips, calves, as well as your overall body fat percentage and bone diameter. This information is stored in the Iobella computer program, along with your age, weight, exercise regimen, and other metrics.

Once the data has been calculated by the Iobella computer program, a full picture emerges pointing to specific parts of the body that need to be focused on in the upcoming workout. A fitness regimen of two or three Iobella sessions a week is tailored accordingly.

For the workout, you hop into a pod where the temperature approximates your body’s. The heat is meant to improve circulation and flexibility, which helps in speeding up the metabolism and maximizes calorie burning potential. Then resistance bands that are mounted inside the pod are used for the variety of different exercises such as leg lifts, donkey kicks, sit ups, and bicep and tricep curls. Although the heat is the main factor for intensifying the workout, your head is actually outside of the pod for most of the routine, to help you breath easier. Workouts last around 30 minutes, and are performed one on one with a personal trainer. For those who are visual learners, here’s a closer look at just what an Iobella hot pod session looks like.

The third phase of the Iobella workout is done after you’ve sweat for 30 minutes in the hot pod. After the pod workout, you pop in the shower, and prep for final phase of the treatment. It’s a 15 minute session in an O3 cabin, which also looks like pod, only it has a chaise lounge in it. The claim is that the air is a cell booster that specializes in hydrating, maintaining elasticity, and keeping the skin tight. This last phase diminishes the look of cellulite and properly rehydrate the skin after that long sweat session in the pod.

This new and uniqe workout seems more like a day at the spa than a full body workout. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and the notion of a workout will be just a memory. Becoming vastly popular among many high profile residents in LA, look for Iobella to become a household name in no time.


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