The Strange Drink Mixture That’s Making People Super Healthy

As if you really needed another excuse to eat more veggies, especially delicious broccoli and sprouts, Chinese scientists have developed a drink that can clear the body of pollutants. And you’ve guessed it, the main ingredients are a hybrid combination of these two beloved vegetables.

green juice

Because the pollution problem is among the world’s worst, and growing rapidly, China has long since been looking for ways to combat the smog and the dirt in the air that is inhaled by millions on a daily basis. China’s immense pollution problem has damaged the health of its inhabitants for a number of years. With the growing amounts of health issues, many in the country have been looking for ways to try to keep people healthy– and the development of this concoction could be the answer they have been searching for.

This simple and cost effective solution can help curb the risk that comes with the dangerous chemicals that are constantly inhaled in China, and in other major cities across the world with big pollutant issues.

This broccoli-sprout beverage is efficient in helping the body combat the bacteria that comes with inhaling dirt and smog on a daily basis. The drink is loaded with cancer-preventative compounds, vitamins, minerals and other helpful ingredients that are great for the body, both inside and out. Broccoli sprouts specifically are a source of glucoraphanin, which creates sulforaphane when chewed and ingested into the body. These specific compounds accelerate the body’s ability to detoxify from various pollutants.

The drink consists of sterilized water, pineapple, lime juice and dissolved freeze-dried broccoli sprout powder. In testing the healthy drink, scientists discovered that among those who drank it, the rate of excretion of the carcinogen benzene increased 61% and the rate of excretion of the irritant acrolein rapidly increased 23%. These increases show a great jump in the defense mechanism against bacteria within the body, as well as the rate at which these things are cleared form the body.

This drink may only be in its infancy, but be sure to find something similar on its way to major cities across the world. Something as simple as this can help keep us healthy and fight off the major health issues that come with ingesting and inhaling chemicals and fumes on a daily basis.

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