These Workout Clothes Will Change Your Life Forever

WeightsFor decades, the only real way to know if you had worked out the muscle group that you had intended to do so in the gym was to wait days after the workout itself to feel the pain or stiffness in the muscles themselves. For many, a personal trainer is the go to option in order to get the perfect workout, but for many, a personal trainer simply isn’t an option due to the large amount of expenses that come with them. Well now we live in the age of technology where it seems that almost anything is possible, and technology and fitness go more hand in hand today than they ever have before. So it should really be almost expected that technology has found a way to ensure that the correct muscle groups are worked on, without the need of a trainer or anyone else to keep an eyeful watch over you when you’re sweating in the gym.

Connected, wearable workout clothing is now a reality. Developed by the University of Waterloo students, this highly advanced technological clothing is fully integrated and can track muscle groups, heart rate, berthing levels and more, all as you workout. The clothing actually translates the medical science behind the tracking, into actionable data that people can easily follow and understand as they progress through their routines.

Done through electromyography or EMG, which is the technique to measure and evaluate electrical signals generated by muscles, the clothing truly is the first of its kind, and will revolutionize workouts for those at every level. With EMG, electrode adhesive sensors are put on the muscle to collect electricity and the raw signal. These sensors provide access to the physiological processes that allow muscles to produce movement, to stretch and to generate force.

The clothing consists of non-adhesive sensors in a compression garments such as a long-sleeved exercise top and bike shorts that transmits the muscle data to a small module, which is called the core. This core then wirelessly syncs this data to Athos’ software app, which collects all information and actually gives users a way to track and understand their workouts.

The clothing’s main selling point, besides the obvious great workout benefits, is the fact that it’s lightweight. All of the fourteen sensors in the clothing will not affect the workout, and almost feel as though nothing is even there. On the Athos iOS app itself, you’ll see a simulated body, and via the sensors, you’ll be able to see whether you are overworking or under working a muscle group depending on the color that shows up on the screen of the application itself.

The overall aim for Athos workout clothing is to show you how to better balance specific workouts and how to push the body for maximum efficiency. Knowing how much stress is being put on certain muscles, and how workouts are affecting your body can really help you gear towards changing certain things in your routines in order to get desired results. Often times the results we get can be confusing and can leave us feeling lost. With precise and easy to understand guidance, Athos is really making working out and technology a good partnership.


Consult your primary care physician or chiropractor for any medical related advice.

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