Three Machines to Skip at the Gym to Avoid Pain

Now that the New Year is here, chances are the gym is packed. Everyone wants to shape up and lose the extra weight. While the gym is a great place to get healthy and toned, not all the machines there are good for you and your body. Here are the top three machines and exercises you should stay away from:
Exercise machines at gym.

Seated Torso Rotation Machine:

This machine allows you to sit down and rotate your torso from side to side easily. There is usually a small line for this machine because everyone wants to work on his or her muffin top. However, this machine is not the best for your spine. Shape Magazine says, “When you rotate your spine, your hips are designed to rotate as well.” The machine does not allow your hips to naturally rotate.

Leg Extension Machine:

The leg extension machine is another popular one at the gym. It allows you to sit down, and lift weights with your legs. Shape Magazine calls this machine a no-no too because “the load is on one end [instead of centered], there’s tremendous strain on the knee”. They also say that most people do not sit in the chair correctly, making their pelvis do all of the work. It is just unnatural and can lead to more pain than benefits.

Hip Abduction/Adduction Machine:

Here is another machine where you can take a seat and let your legs do all the hard work. Because our legs are strong, it is easy to lift heavier. However, Shape says, “Your body isn’t designed for those movements”. So while you think you are getting a great burn session throughout your hips and legs, you are actually asking them to perform in a way that is unnatural. This can be quite dangerous and the cause of hip and joint pain.

All three of these exercise machines create unnatural movements. Instead, exercise in a way that is natural to your body. Don’t use machines to target one area of your body, instead do an exercise that will benefit your body as a whole.

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