Top Four Apps to Manage Back Pain

Dealing and managing back pain can be a chore! What if you could get helpful back pain advice and stretches with just a few taps to your screen? Great news; you can! With the help of your smartphone, you can manage and ease your back pain. Here are four great and easy to use apps that will help you stay on top of your back pain needs.

1. BackCare:

This UK app is available to everyone for free. This app contains very helpful advice on back pain and daily living. For example, if you want to know more about how cycling affects your back and pain, they have just the info you need. They also have a place to record your daily back pain (which is helpful when recalling your week’s pain levels to your ), as well as a place to list all of the medications you are taking. This app is also full of helpful exercise videos that will help ease back pain and tension.

2. Yoga for Back Pain:

Yogis and exercise newbies will both love this app. It shows illustrated yoga poses that will help relieve your back pain. It guides you through each exercise and as you practice regularly you can adjust the setting from beginner to intermediate.

3. My Pain Diary:

No one likes to be in pain, but it is essential to keep good records of it if you wish to improve your pain. The “My Pain Diary” makes it easy for you to record daily pain, as well as effects of medicines, therapies, and more. This app helps you communicate to your doctor and chiropractor better. Also, this app can help you identify trends to your back pain, such as whether bad weather is a cause or if forgetting to get your daily exercise causes your lower back to writhe in pain.

4. Stretch Away Lowback Pain:

This helpful app helps you learn how to identify and reduce low back pain and hip pain. These stretches are safe for the lower back and can help you regain flexibility and mobility, as well as reduce your pain and stiffness.

A life free from constant back pain and stiffness can be yours with the help of these innovative and helpful apps. They say, “You are only as old as your back is”, so why not strive to keep your back flexible, mobile, and pain-free every day.

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