There’s still time to utilize your HSA or FSA

Even after the big election, the fate of healthcare in the U.S. is a concern for many. Still, there are a few ways you can take control of your own healthcare, and if you’ve already done so by setting aside money into a health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA), you may be able to use it towards chiropractic care at The Joint. Year end is fast approaching, and if you’re like the average American, you may still have around $75-$100 in unused funds left over in your pre-tax savings accounts— and with FSAs especially, the old adage “use it or lose it” applies. But don’t let that concern you, because not only is there still time to allocate that money for chiropractic care, but you likely have enough left over for not just one visit but possibly even a month or so of adjustments!

FSAs and HSAs allow you more flexibility to cover your healthcare costs and allow you to determine what expenses you want to allocate your money towards, making it easier to incorporate alternative healthcare such as chiropractic into your wellness routine. To utilize your pre-tax plans to cover chiropractic care at The Joint, you need only review your plan’s guidelines to be sure you meet the eligibility requirements. For instance, in some cases a letter of medical necessity or prescription from your medical doctor is required.

Chiropractic isn’t just for those experiencing pain or seeking to alleviate symptoms of illness. While it is certainly important to see your for these types of health issues, making ongoing chiropractic care a part of your health regimen is a significant way to help your body function properly, and in many cases aid in the prevention of health concerns before they occur; which is why The Joint offers both individual and family plan options.

While you can use your pre-tax plan to cover the cost of each visit, they will not cover future visits before they occur, so you may be required to submit receipts for your visits. However, with healthcare costs on the rise, HSAs and FSAs allow you to better plan and budget for the care you require and keep costs to a minimum by allowing you to use pre-taxed monies. Take control of your healthcare— visit The Joint location nearest you today.