Wake Up The Non Caffeine Way

If you’re like me, you’re one of the anomalies of the world in that I don’t drink coffee, never have, never will. So you may ask how it is I wake up in the morning, how it is I keep myself awake during the day, and how I perk up when I’m feeling a little sleepy. Well the answer is actually quite simple; I don’t rely on coffee. I wake up naturally in the morning, even on days I feel groggy, I turn to things like food, music, reading a book or even exercise to get the day started or to keep me awake.

Winter is one of the times of year that everyone loves to sleep in a warm bed to escape the cold, making getting up and being productive all the more difficult. Colder temperatures, shorter days and a later sunrise make the lure of a nice bed and being nothing but lazy all the more tempting. Sadly, most of us cannot stay in bed as much as we would like. Here are some things to try for waking up naturally.

Battle Cry

Waking up, pulling the covers off yourself, standing up and yelling at the top of your lungs will send a nice shock-wave through the body. It may not be wise to do this on a daily basis, or even at all if you don’t sleep alone or have roommates. However, if you can do it, it does work.

Get Some Sun

Our first instinct is often to draw the shades, hit the snooze and stay in bed. But getting up is only made that much harder when we do this. So instead of shying away from the sun, embrace it. Open the blinds, look at the sun and let it wake you.

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We often massage our temples when we feel ourselves entering the early stages of a headache. The same technique can be used to effectively wake up the body and boost alertness. Self acupuncture treatment has long been linked with lessening fatigue. Pressure points to massage in the morning are the top of the head, the point between your thumb and index finger, below the knee cap, the ball of the foot and the base of your neck.


Cold water, either in the form of a nice drink first thing in the morning, or even a cold shower can help wake you up and boost the feeling of being awake.

Walk About

Get up, get moving. Getting the blood pumping around the body the first thing in the morning is great for circulation and good circulation means better brain function. If you can’t get out, then try exercises at home to get the blood pumping.


Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, so get up and eat something. Food fuels the body, which in turn fuels the brain and vice versa. A nutritious breakfast boosts the metabolism and gives you the energy you need for the day.


Consult your primary care physician or chiropractor for any medical related advice.

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