What Does Your Eating Personality Reveal About You?

mealWe all eat differently; whether we dislike certain things, eat specific foods in a certain way, or just take longer to finish meals than the average individual, our eating habits are unique to us, and us alone. With this said, the way we eat determines just how effective our weight loss efforts can be, as well as how satisfied we are with our meals and their ability to fill us.

For instance, slow methodical eaters, generally tend to eat less, because their food is settled in their stomachs, and the brain is signaled as being full. Those that eat fast, tend to eat more, and subsequently weigh more, as they never truly get time for their brains to register their intake. Here are some other not-so-known eaters and what their implications and routines mean for overall health.

Indecisive Ingestion

These eaters are most likely to lose weight in a hurry when on a diet, but then gain it right back in half the time. This is due in part to the high rate of indecisiveness that comes with their eating routine. These eaters often stick to a diet to the letter for the first few days, only to decide it’s not for them, and go back to eating just about anything they can get their hands on.

An easy longevity tip for the perennial flip-flopper is to simply set smaller goals. Much of the indecision comes with these eaters because they don’t automatically see results, or do not see the ones they desire due to unrealistic wishes. Starting small can keep you on the straight and narrow, and can see you eating the same things on a much more consistent basis. Also, having someone to keep you accountable means that you can’t switch it up, even if you wanted to. Perhaps a significant other or a gym buddy could be particularly helpful to this kind of eater.

Willy Nilly Nibbler

Being able to eat whatever you’d like, just as long as you exercise regularly, is the primary belief for these types of eaters. Sadly, this is not true, as all the pizzas in the world cannot be rectified if your exercise routine isn’t extremely rigorous. Calories in vs. calories out, has long since been the standard for weight loss; however, eating whatever you want, especially junk food, can often mean that even if you’re exercising like Arnold Schwarzenegger, you can still have a hard time shedding the weight.

The simple fix for these eaters is to snack less, concentrate on all of the ingredients being eaten, and eat a far healthier array of foods. Stick to the produce aisle when at the grocery store, and avoid processed foods with chemicals and additives that contribute to visceral fat, heart health issues and excess weight gain. Understand that our exercise routine isn’t the only thing that needs to be disciplined to live a healthy lifestyle. 


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