You’re the best doctor.

an illustration of a finger pointingMany people are searching for the best doctor they can find when they need help. Whether it’s a
chiropractor, an optometrist, a dentist or any kind of other doctor, you want the best to take care of you
and your family.

Your search possibly includes websites, testimonials from their clients, recommendations from your
friends, rating services etc.

But did you know the BEST doctor is YOU, because you are in your body! So who knows you better? Who
knows exactly what you’re experiencing, your history, your habits? Who knows best what really works
for you? That’s right, you know best for you! Your opinions, feelings, beliefs, desires, questions are very
important. Please share them with your doctor.

When you come in to get adjusted over time we build a relationship. We find out what type of
adjustment works best for you. Everybody is unique so what works best for one may not necessarily
work best for another. What really helps me is your feedback. When you tell me that a certain
adjustment really seems to work well or not, it helps us do what is best for you. And what works for you
today might be different than what works a few months or years from now. The only thing that stays the
same in life is change!

The bottom line I am trying to get across is I care about you and your opinions and feelings. Please share
them. Some people feel like they shouldn’t question a doctor because it might offend or irritate the
doctor. Nothing could be further from the truth in my opinion. I am here to help you and I want to do
what is best for you so please feel free to participate!

I do know there are doctors out there that do resent any questioning of their methods and decisions.
That is wrong. Please remember the doctor works for you. You hire and you fire the doctor. If someone
doesn’t want to work with you, fire them and move on to find a better doctor for you.

Always know that you are the best doctor for you!

See you at your next adjustment,

Dr. Andrew