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Recent Testimonial Submissions

Geri: As a teenager I suffered terrible headaches. Medical doctors couldn’t really tell me why. Then I met my husband and through him I learned what chiropractic care was. My first atlas and cervical adjustment and my headaches were gone. It has been a couple of decades since my first adjustment but my life has dramatically improved due to chiropractic care. I love The Joint because now I can afford to go weekly. In the past I would have to wait two or three weeks before I could get an adjustment due to cost, but now I can get in before a misalignment affects my muscles. I would definitely and actually have suggested people go see a chiropractor and The Joint is the first place I mention. Too bad I didn’t know about The Joint when I did Roller Derby it would have been a life saver.

Steve: I have been seeing chiropractors on and off for more than 30 years. I discovered The Joint at the recommendation of a family member. The treatment I received was not only efficient, but I felt the doctor took the time to understand my needs and issues. I spend hours every day at a computer, and the adjustments I received have improved my posture and my endurance. I am feeling great since I signed up for regular maintenance at The Joint. My neck pain and headaches have disappeared. Thank you, The Joint!

Kathryn: Since I was very young, I had migraine headaches. I had seen doctors and neurologists, and eventually the only recourse I had was to take a painkiller if I felt one coming on. If I did not manage to do so, I would find myself in excruciating pain. It wasn’t until my wife recommended seeing a chiropractor that all of this changed. Chiropractic has rendered my migraines a thing of the past. At most, I may get a migraine once a year, and if I promptly visit the chiropractor, they fade away once more. The Joint Glendale staff is always professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. The reception desk staff and Dr. Andrew in particular always greet me with a smile. Just walking in the door creates a palpable sense of relief, knowing I am in good hands.

Charlotte: I came to The Joint in March because I complained to my friend (also a member) about my “hip” hurting so much I could hardly walk. The discussion with the doctors has been great. After my first adjustment I felt better. The low price keeps it in my Social Security budget. My weekly adjustments have kept my hip from hurting any more. Thank you so much for keeping me “on the road.”

Dennis: I have Primary Lateral Sclerosis, a chronic neurological disease that effects the function of my upper motor neurons which impairs movement, function and feeling in my body. I’ve done battle with it for 47 years. To say my neurology is out-of-whack is like saying the ocean is damp. I have chiropractic a great pain reliever and mobility enhancer, making life much more comfortable and movement easier. I find the treatments at The Joint a great benefit in my life as I am sure many do who seek the relief and benefit so very ably and pleasantly provided there by a staff dedicated to always doing their best . Thank You to The Joint for all you do for me!

Mona: I was walking along Glendale Avenue about a year ago, feeling the usual pain in my hip, when I noticed THE JOINT had opened up in my neighborhood. I went inside and found out I could easily afford the chiropractic sessions so I signed up right away. In addition to my unstable hip, I have arthritis in my neck. THE JOINT keeps my hip in place which keeps coming out because I am addicted to working on my computer in my soft low chair. Self-discipline in hard and you need someone to help you along until you get it right. One of the great benefits is that my neck is starting to rest gracefully on my shoulders which is very much prettier than hanging low as it used to. I am glad that my chronic pain can be cured immediately whenever I get an adjustment. I have also been encouraged the the staff at THE JOINT to work out at the gym regularly to build a solid muscle structure to support my skeleton. It takes a lot of work to live a good life, but you can do it if you have help. THE JOINT gives you a lot of help. I go every week and I hope I can avoid the surgeries many people my age take for granted.

Shiva: I have two testimonies:
1) When I was a college student, (about 1996) I suffered from headaches in the back of my head regularly. I consumed so much Advil (which I know has bad side-effects for many years. ) I heard about chiropractic for the first time from a friend. Right the first adjustment felt miraculous as far as the result. And my headaches stopped.

2) Due to a sport injury, I have a chronically injured muscle tissue in my Rhomboid and scapular area. This muscle goes into severe spasms on a regular basis. Since this muscle is connected to the ribcage, when it gets so tight, it takes my breath away. It also pulls on the spine and misaligns it. I have to make regular visits to my chiropractor’s to adjust my spine and bring everything back into alignment, and release all the pressure on the nerves coming out of the spine, esp. around the scapular area.

I know supernaturally anything is possible with God. But just speaking in the natural, I don’t know how without chiropractic I could’ve been alive or not completely bed-ridden.

Kandarpa: I started going to The Joint about a year ago due to a pinched nerve in my back. After years of having a job that allowed me to be on my feet and walk around for a large portion of the day, I was driving around and stationary after a job change. After my first Crack, I was hooked. Not long after, I was stuck in notorious I-5 traffic for 3 hours and could feel my lower back go out of alignment. It took about 2 months of Cracks to fix that! Recently, I couldn’t come in for routine care for about a month, but because I had a year-long base of routine Cracks, my body was able to keep itself in alignment. For the most part.